Metalúrgica Roma  
Metalúrgica Roma is the largest machining center
of Argentina with international prestige

Since Cordoba is a key industrial pole for the automotive production of Mercosur, Metalúrgica Roma set up two plants in two neighborhoods of the city: Empalme and Santa Isabel.


Empalme Industrial Plant

Santa Isabel Industrial Premises

Forja Industrial Plant

Empalme Plant covers a surface area of 27,000 m2 by 16,500 m2 where pieces are produced for different automotive companies.

The new Santa Isabel Industrial Premises have a surface area of 200,000 m2. There, there is a unit of 11.000 m2 with all the necessary facilities for production with the highest quality standards.

In the same Industrial Premises, the new Forja plant operates, with a 1,100 m2 storehouse built with the latest technology.

Córdoba - Argentina