Metalúrgica Roma  
Quality policy
The Corporate Policy of Metalúrgica Roma S.A.,
with which its whole staff is committed, is:

1) Achieving Customer Satisfaction trying to reach zero defects.

2) Guaranteeing the quality of its products.

3) Training at all levels.

4) Establishing the continuous improvement as means of life.

5) Committing all its efforts to achieve the reduction of costs.


Environmental policy
The company Metalúrgica Roma S.A. commits to protect the
Environment according to the following principles:

» Guaranteeing the compliance of the applicable environmental regulations.
» Ensuring the development of activities to prevent environmental pollution.
» Checking regularly targets and objectives to achieve a continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the Company.
» Training and involving the staff in the protection and respect for the Environment in order to achieve the reduction of pollutants and costs..

Córdoba - Argentina