Metalúrgica Roma  
We are leaders in machining and assembling auto and complex mechanic pieces.

The mission of Metalúrgica Roma is to provide the national and international markets with products with the latest technology and the best quality. It continuously keeps a close relationship with the client, backs the reinvestment for technological growth and always innovates in the excellence of its products..









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System of Quality and Environmental Policy

Focused on the continuous improvement of its products and services, Metalúrgica Roma has a Quality Department with machinery to measure through high-tech coordinates to guarantee the specificity of each part. In turn, it has introduced an integrated system of management according to ISO standards, covering quality, security and environmental aspects that benefit the employees as well as the clients and the community in general. 
Metalúrgica Roma maintains an Integral Environmental Management System to ensure the protection of the environment and the wellbeing of future generations through the effort to reduce the environmental impact generated by industrial activities. 

It already has a pre-certification of ISO 14001 and it is expected to receive it this year, 2013.

Córdoba - Argentina